What is Powder Coating?

    Powder Coating is a finishing process by which a fine powder is electrostatically transferred to a metal. The material is then brought to a curing temperature, where it becomes fluid, bonds to the metal surface, and develops its properties.

    The result is a tough, flexible, weather resistant, resin finish. Powder Coating incorporates the latest technology in metal finishing and provides excellent corrosion, impact, and abrasion resistance.

    Powder Coating will make your old item appear like new or your new item appear even better, and lasts as much as 20 times longer than many other finishes.

What is Abrasive Blasting?

    The term “Sand Blasting” has been replaced by “Abrasive Blasting.” Our high tech system applies a very fine metallic grit to an item at various pressures to remove unwanted materials like paint, rust, and mill scale.

    Brooks Powder Coating offers this as a stand alone service or in conjunction with preparation for Powder Coating.


Powder Coating vs. Painting

    We say, “Don't paint it… and paint it… and paint it! Just Powder Coat it!” This pretty much sums it up – the extremely durable, long lasting finish provided by Powder Coating is replacing paint in many applications with metal surfaces.

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